What is Dawah Team’s view on audio copyright?

We take the view that Audio Islamic lectures, quran audio and similiar related to deen do not have a copyright, having said that we respect the other view and if any producer/publisher/speaker/reciter wants us to remove any of their content they should contact us to discuss.

How do I bulk download?

Use a podcasting client of your choice suitable for your device/platform and subscribe to the feed with the client and you can download as you wish.

When I click on Download button it starts streaming?

Try Right-Click Save-As on the Download button.

May I use your material on our site?

Feel free to download and re-distribute on but please place a link back to the source to support our project. We also have an embed feature where you can embed an audio from our site on your blog and so on.

May I sell the content from this site?

No material may be used for commercial usage without express permission from the speaker/reciter and/or their publishers.

I am on iPhone/iPad and I cannot download?

Your device does NOT support downloading directly from any website. You can stream from our website no problem, but in order to download go to our podcast page to subscribe to the desired speaker and download the content via any podcast app suitable for your device.

Or find our content on the iTunes store, search for (without quotes) ‘Dawah Team’ and you will see all our podcast channels that you can subscribe to.

Source of content?

We source material from a number of sites to provide with you a central point for content. Thus, no material may be used for commercial usage without express permission from the speaker/reciter and/or their publishers etc. List of some of the sources we can recall at the time of writing excluding audio sent to us or converted from videos:

  • www.ilmuniversity.com
  • www.muslimcentral.com
  • www.archive.org
  • www.quranicaudio.com
  • www.mp3quran.com
  • www.seedsofguidance.com
  • www.islamicline.com
  • www.islamicmedia.com.au
  • www.yawarbaig.org
  • www.islamic-creed.com

Where can I download videos?

Currently, we are focusing on Audio but many of the Audio Posts on this site has a Video Alternative from YouTube, Vimeo and the like.

Dawah Team Owned by Moulvi Abdul Basith Bukahri?

This Website/Channel not owned by any scholars/publication/any specific organization groups,  its owned by one of your brother having knowledge in IT, now he want to spread the word of Islam using what he learned from our scholars.

அஸ்ஸலாமு அலைக்கும் வரஹ்மதுல்லாஹி வ பரகாதுஹு..

அவசியம் நேரம் ஒதுக்கி இந்த உரையை அவசியம் கேளுங்கள். அல்லாஹ் உங்களுக்கு ரஹ்மத் செய்வானாக.

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